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Reserve An Attendant

Let us help ensure that your passengers enjoy their journey in comfort – book one of our seasoned airline professionals today!

Reserve an Attendant?

It’s time to soar to the next level of success – with PJP! Our experienced flight attendants guarantee customer satisfaction, offering exceptional service with a smile. We always guarantee safety and security when flying with us.

Looking for top of the line customer care? Choose one of our qualified flight attendants who will ensure your passengers have a journey marked by comfort and ease. Book now to experience unbeatable services and unending charm.

Reach unprecedented heights by taking off with PJP – friendly faces and increased satisfaction are included in the price of admission! Let us transport you safely to your destination while providing a stellar experience worth buzzing about.


At PJP, we believe that collaboration begets excellence – developing lasting leadership capabilities to bolster businesses and communities alike. By working together, we make an enduring impact on our world while striving for ongoing success in everything we do.

What Are Contract Flight Attendants?

Contract flight attendants serve as independent contractors on private or corporate aircrafts, they have all the same responsibilities as those who work with commercial airlines but come equipped with more freedom when it comes to other areas of employment.

Not only can additional crew members find long-term clients in this field; like baggage loaders and maintenance personnel, their services may also be called upon on a contractual basis – proving there are many ways for hardworking individuals soar above their peers’ expectations.

Join a Community

Pilots, it’s that empowering sensation of autonomously taking control that sparks an undeniable connection to the sky. Experience the untamed power of flight and discover the land of camaraderie exclusively designed for aviators. Let PJP light the torch to your next journey and join a realm where feelings of freedom congregate in an atmosphere devoted to liberated adventure.

Begin alongside other innovative voyagers as they seamlessly transition from daydreams in the clouds using valuable resources and encounters with kindred spirits as fuel.

Connect With Expert Pilots

Pilots, you know the feeling of independence and freedom that comes with flying. That’s why PJP has crafted a community just for you – filled with events to meet like-minded aviators, resources to help make your passion soar even higher and clubs in cities near & far where fellow pilots can join forces. Let the adventure begin!

Service, Safety & Sustainability

Learn, refine and showcase your aviation prowess with a PJP membership! Our suite of interactive courses, quizzes, webinars podcasts and more offer something for everyone – from student pilots to rusty fliers all the way up to career aviators. Soar through education at any level you desire today.


Enhance your knowledge arsenal with PJP's daily newsletter! Our quick-and-easy take on industry news, career advice and job search tips will have you ready to tackle the day.


Our enhanced premier benefits and maximum legal/medical protection are tailored for pilots with ATP, Commercial, Flight Instructor or UAS Part 107 certificates. With our unbeatable experience in aviation support services there's no better choice – join us today for an unparalleled pilot experience!


Now's your chance to unlock a world of advantageous resources within the blink of an eye! With just 60-seconds and PJP membership, you'll gain unrivaled legal/medical protection designed specifically for pilots boasting ATP or Commercial certifications. You can also tap into exclusive financial opportunities, unbeatable discounts - plus get connected with some amazing aviation professionals! So don't delay – join us today and take advantage of all that this fantastic experience has in store for you!

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