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Let the world come to you, wherever you are – with a single click. At PJP, you have thousands of locations, airports and crews in over 200 countries at your fingertips.

Reserve a Crew?

At PJP, our comprehensive network spans over 200 countries allowing you to connect with thousands of airports and crew members.

We understand everyone has different preferences when it comes to travel which is why we strive for excellence in giving you choices while maintaining an all-inclusive platform.

Our goal? To make sure that those who have signed into their accounts within the last 45 days are 100% guaranteed visibility – paving your way forward by connecting only trustworthy individuals and providing peace of mind through rigorous monitoring procedures.


Take the leap of faith and open up a world overflowing with beneficial resources! In an almost effortless 60-seconds you can experience all that PJP has to offer. Our membership advantages consist of tailored protection for pilots, experienced aviation support services, financial gain opportunities, unbeatable discounts – it’s unmissable!

Hire a contract Flight Attendant

With contract flight attendants, the sky’s not even the limit! These talented professionals get to take their expertise off commercial airlines and onto private or corporate aircrafts.

Their employment comes with more freedom plus opportunities for additional crew members to extend services on a contractual basis – setting them up for extraordinary career success in unprecedented heights.

The Numbers don't lie

Making the decision to fly alongside us became easier than ever with 2020 tangible evidence: beneficiaries of PJP advantage witnessed their annual revenue sail up by 4.6%, while some unlucky nonmembers sadly witnessed it dip down by 4.7%.

Seize the success you seek, join our members’ proud troupe and shoot for the stars high above!’

Create Valuable Connections

Make your love of flying take you to the skies and beyond! PJP is here for all pilots, providing an incredible community with events tailored especially for aviators. 

Get connected with resources that will make sure your passion reaches its highest heights and meet other adventurous flyers in clubs around the world – come experience true independence & freedom today!

Service, Safety & Sustainability

Learn, refine and showcase your aviation prowess with a PJP membership! Our suite of interactive courses, quizzes, webinars podcasts and more offer something for everyone – from student pilots to rusty fliers all the way up to career aviators. Soar through education at any level you desire today


Seize the opportunity to have free, instantaneous access to a world of helpful resources. With this quick one-minute process, you can enjoy PJP’s top membership benefits. So don't hesitate - take advantage now!


Our enhanced premier benefits and maximum legal/medical protection are tailored for pilots with ATP, Commercial, Flight Instructor or UAS Part 107 certificates. With our unbeatable experience in aviation support services there's no better choice – join us today for an unparalleled pilot experience!


Become a part of PJP, and you'll be rewarded with exclusive financial opportunities, unbeatable discounts, plus access to the best pilots in aviation. Joining is an easy decision!

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