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About Us

At PJP, experienced pilots have the opportunity to join a premier community of aviation professionals in order to stay ahead of their competition. Unlock exclusive resources and seize invaluable connections for maximizing your performance – gain distinction with us today.

who We Are

Here at PJP, experienced pilots have the luxury of scaling their platforms and honing their competencies with a prestigious community of aviation experts.

You’ll never have to worry about soaring ahead before your competition again; join us for access to unrivaled resources plus incomparable networking opportunities – set yourself aside today!

Making the decision to fly alongside us became easier than ever with 2020 tangible evidence: beneficiaries of PJP witnessed their annual revenue sail up by 4.6%, while some unlucky nonmembers saw it dip down by 4.7%.

Seize the success you seek, join our members’ proud troupe and shoot for the stars high above!’

Services we provide

As a Contractor Pilot, you're paid for more than the hours spent in-flight. Airlines don't always offer employee benefits - but you can always negotiate your contract rate and PJP will help you.

PJP ensures that any aviation-related legal questions are provided with the attention and expertise they deserve. Leverage our in-house staff of attorneys to get unlimited consultation on Part 135 Operations over the phone!

Save money on a variety of great services: Aviation Products and Services, Rental Car Discounts, Hotel Discounts, Aircraft Valuation Service, Free Training Programs from PilotWorkshops

Turbulence in the financial world can be overwhelming. Let PJP bring you a smooth landing with our specialized services tailored to your aviation-related needs. We'll fly through complex tax issues, open up loan possibilities and provide any other support required for streamlined finances

PJP Members enjoy access to the crème de la crème of technical resources from our Pilot Information Center, where professionalism and expertise come first.

Our media platform is always looking for captivating tales to feature of people who are achieving success in unlikely circumstances. From flight schools and beyond, we want to hear the inspirational narratives that money just can't buy – but will be worth thousands of dollars' equivalent when it comes to advertising value.

Available Aircraft

Our Team

PJP is your go-to for achieving flight success! Our dedicated team of professionals will hook you up with top-tier pilots and fight tooth and nail to make sure you get the best possible payouts. Soar into action today – we’ve got your back!

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